Schools reopen in Libya after deadly floods

Schools reopen in Libya after deadly floods

Schools have reopened in the Libya’s eastern city of Derna, which was hit by deadly floods a few weeks ago.

The flood caused thousands of casualties and great destruction.

Libya’s Education Ministry said other schools would host students whose schools were flooded and destroyed.

The ministry also prepared psychosocial support for students affected by floods. It demanded that private schools in Derna receive the affected students free of charge.

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On Sept. 10, Mediterranean storm Daniel triggered Libya’s worst floods in decades, killing thousands of people as others went missing.

Storm Daniel also damaged 70 per cent of the region’s infrastructure, including 114 schools in 15 flood-hit cities and towns.

Recently, Prime Minister Abdul-Hamed Dbeibah issued an order to allocate nearly 93 million Libyan dinars (about $19 million) to restore damaged schools (Xinhua)


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