3 die as Ukrainian drones strike airfields inside Russia
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3 die as Ukrainian drones strike airfields inside Russia

Ukraine launched a drone attack against two military airfields deep inside Russia on Monday, leaving three Russian servicemen dead.

Four others sustained injuries, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

The Soviet-made jet drones targeted the “Dyagilevo” airfield in the Ryazan region near Moscow

It also targeted the “Engels” airfield in the Saratov region.

This was in a bid to disable Russian long-range aircraft, the ministry said in a statement.

Russian air defence intercepted the Ukrainian drones flying at a low altitude.

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But explosion of the drones slightly damaged the skin of the hull of two planes at the airfields, it added.

Three Russian servicemen of the technical staff were killed and four more soldiers were wounded in the rare long-range attack.

The ministry said Russia, in retaliation, carried out a massive strike with high-precision air-and-sea-based weapons.

The weapon hit 17 targets and disrupted Ukraine’s transfer of reserves and foreign-supplied weapons.

it also affected military equipment and ammunition to the combat areas by rail. (Xinhua)



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