New Zealand prepares for 2023 national census
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New Zealand prepares for 2023 national census

New Zealand is preparing for the five-yearly national census in March 2023, the Statistics Department (Stats NZ), said on Wednesday.

The next census will be held on March 7, 2023, Stats NZ said, adding the official count of population and dwelling gives the most complete picture of life in the country.

Government Statistician and Chief Executive of Stats NZ, Mark Sowden, has said in a statement.

“The information collected is invaluable, helping communities, iwi (tribes), councils, businesses and government make important decisions about where to fund and locate services that affect all people living in New Zealand,’’ Sowden said.

He said stats NZ has taken on board the lessons of the 2018 Census and the 2023 Census was being designed specifically to enable people to participate in the way that worked for them.

He added people would have more choices about how they participate, either online or on paper.

“We are also doing more to support people whose first language is not English and will deliver the census in a wider range of accessible formats to better meet the needs of disabled people,’’ Sowden said.

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