Algeria recalls ambassador to France
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Algeria recalls ambassador to France

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune has ordered the immediate recall of Algerian Ambassador to France, Said Moussi, for consultation.

The recall comes to protest “the secret and illegal evacuation of an Algerian citizen.

“The Algerian justice wanted the citizen, from the country’s soil,” a statement from the president’s office.

Earlier in the day, the Algerian Foreign Ministry “strongly condemned” in a statement “the violation of national sovereignty by French diplomatic, consular, and security officials,” who are accused of “illegally and secretly” evacuating an Algerian citizen.

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The ministry stated that it has “conveyed its strong condemnation to the French Embassy in Algeria in an official note.”

The statement also emphasized Algeria’s rejection of “this unacceptable and indefinable development, which causes great harm to Algerian-French relations.”

This is the second time that Algeria has recalled its ambassador to France for consultation in fewer than two years.

In October 2021, Algeria recalled its ambassador to France in protest over French President Emmanuel Macron’s critical remarks against Algeria.

Macron criticised the “political-military system” in Algeria, a former French colony, for rewriting Algerian history and fomenting “hatred” toward France. (Xinhua)



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