Police arrest 25 in large-scale raids in Germany
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Police arrest 25 in large-scale raids in Germany

Around 3,000 police officers carried out a series of raids on Wednesday morning across Germany, arresting 25 people, according to federal prosecutors.

The Police carried out the raids at 130 sites in eleven federal states.

They were targeting suspected far-right extremists, who allegedly wanted to overthrow the state order in Germany and replace it with their own.

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People arrested are adherents of the so-called Reich Citizens (Reichsbuerger) movement.

Twenty-two of them are said to be members of the terrorist organisation and three others are considered supporters, prosecutors said.

Members of the Reich Citizens movement allegedly amass illegal weapons and often refuse to pay taxes.

Some are convinced that Germany is run by members of the so-called “deep state” — a conspiracy theory — that needs to be toppled.

Germany’s domestic intelligence agency estimates that the movement has around 21,000 adherents. (Xinhua)



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