China donates .3m textbooks to S/Sudan school
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China donates .3m textbooks to S/Sudan school

South Sudan’s Ministry of General Education and Instruction on Wednesday received 330,000 printed textbooks from the Chinese government for instruction to primary one learners.

The textbooks are for  English, mathematics and science subjects.

The donation came under the China-Aided Phase II Technical Cooperation Project of Education in South Sudan,

“Today, we are thankful for receiving the learning and teaching materials from the project.

“I have instructed that the textbooks should be distributed to ensure they reach the hands of the needy.

“This is to enable South Sudanese learners to benefit from the materials,” Awut Acuil, Minister of General Education and Instruction said during the hand-over in Juba, South Sudan.

Other materials handed over include tangram and mathematics packages for primary schools and laboratory equipment for secondary schools.

The NewsZenith reports that the tangram is a Chinese geometrical puzzle.

It consists of a square, cut into seven pieces and one can arrange the pieces to make various other shapes.

“South Sudan is shaping up its education system.

It is implementing competency and skills in learners at the pre-primary, primary and secondary levels.

“It is doing the same in the alternative education system.

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This is an idea echoing the education system development in China that spurred its technology over the decades,” Acuil said.

he added that hundreds of teachers and educational managers will be organised to participate in the capacity empowerment programmes.

In December 2022, the ministry and educational experts from China, completed the review of the English, mathematics and science textbooks for primary two to four.

Shanghai Educational Publishing executed the development review.

Ma Qiang, Chinese Ambassador to South Sudan, said education is a priority for exchanges and cooperation between the two countries.

Qiang said the successful implementation of the Phase I project in South Sudan in 2018 marked the first comprehensive technical cooperation for developing countries.

“The South Sudanese government affirmed the delivery of the project and educational participants with over a million textbooks.

“This brings direct benefits to over 150,000 South Sudanese teachers and students,” Ma said.

He added that the project invited 200 South Sudanese teachers to China for capacity-building courses during implementation of technical cooperation.

“In 2023, the project covers development and review of Primary five to eight textbooks for English, mathematics and science subjects.

“There will also be capacity building for hundreds of teachers and school managers, with printing and delivery of over nearly one million textbooks,” Ma said. (Xinhua)




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