Crocodiles kill 7 in Tanzania’s Lake Victoria
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Crocodiles kill 7 in Tanzania’s Lake Victoria

At least seven people died in Tanzania’s part of Lake Victoria infested by crocodiles between Jan. 1, and Feb. 9, officials said on Friday.

The officials said most of the victims were residents of Kome Islet on the lake, the world’s largest tropical lake shared by Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.

The killings of the seven people by crocodiles were raised by councillors for the Bushosa district council in the Mwanza region.

Councillors for Bushosa district council in Mwanza region raised the issue of seven people by crocodiles during their meeting to address defence and security matters.

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Deogratius Ivoy, a councillor for Nyakasasa ward, said fishermen were among the people who died in the crocodile attack while swimming for leisure.

Damson Miyaga, another councillor for Maisome ward, said the latest crocodile attack occurred on Feb. 9 when they killed a 36-year-old woman who was swimming in the lake.

The councillors appealed to the government to cull the crocodiles before they caused devastating consequences. (Xinhua)



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