Currency swap: Tinubu asks traders not to despair

Currency swap: Tinubu asks traders not to despair

APC presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, says his background as a son of a market woman made him appreciate the unintended hardship caused by the ongoing naira swap policy.

Tinubu spoke at a town hall meeting with market leaders from around the country, on Friday evening in Abuja.

He said his cries were informed by his experience as someone who grew up in a market environment.

He had, at different times, expressed reservations about the implementation of the policy.

The APC flagbearer said he was fed and trained by his late mother with money from trading.

He added that he could identify with the pains and gains of traders.

Tinubu said he knew limiting circulation of cash would have devastating impact on the informal economy.

This, he said, is because of his knowledge of trading in Nigerian markets.

He expressed sympathy with petty traders and those dealing in perishable goods who, ”are worst affected by the policy”.

Tinubu cited the example of a carrot seller he observed while on a recent campaign trip to Gombe.

He said the trader was standing under the sun tending to his wares with no one to patronise him “because there was no currency”.

The APC presidential candidate urged the traders to remain resolute and not allow difficulties from naira swap exercise to overwhelm them.

Tinubu said if elected into office, his government would provide low interest loans for traders.

He also pledged to address their concerns in other areas of their businesses.

Assuring them he knows where it pinches them, he said, “this man is from the market and is from the city”.

Representatives of market leaders, who addressed participants, spoke glowingly of the APC candidate.

They described him as one of them.

The traders promised to mobilise for the victory of Tinubu, ”who is the best candidate on the ballot”.



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