Frankfurt hope ‘war-like’ scenes don’t happen again against OM

Frankfurt hope ‘war-like’ scenes don’t happen again against OM

Eintracht Frankfurt supervisory board chairman Philip Holzer hopes that every effort was made that Wednesday’s Champions League match against Olympique Marseille remained peaceful.

The “war-like’’ scenes from the first game in France don’t happen again.

Holzer told Tuesday’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung daily that “this is a matter for the executive powers.

“I am convinced that all people involved will take the necessary steps to be prepared.’’

The first game in Marseille was overshadowed by violence from both camps which included launching fireworks into the opposing fans’ sections at the Stade Velodrome, with one Frankfurt fan seriously injured.

Looking at the Frankfurt fans present he said that showing the Hitler salute is absolutely to be condemned and shooting fireworks into other sections is a no-go.’’

But he also blamed French fans and authorities for the incidents and expressed hope that similar scenes won’t spill over to Germany.

“What happened there shocked me, it was war-like conditions.

“Olympique officials weren’t looking at what was going on in the Olympique supporters’ block.

“According to the motto: That’s standard with us,’’ he said.

Holzer added that in his view the incidents were an example of the French state having written off parts of its society in certain areas.

“God help us that we don’t experience the same development in Germany.

“For me, football in this country is one of the last glues we still have to hold society together’’ and it can still send messages to people who can no longer be reached by politics.

Holzer also called for better treatment of away fans who should be able to celebrate a goal without causing trouble.

“Everyone has to accept that because it’s part of the sport. And we want to continue to cultivate this culture in Frankfurt,’’ he said.

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