Libya plans to beef up security in Tripoli
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Libya plans to beef up security in Tripoli

Libya’s Interior Ministry has launched the first phase of a state plan to beef up the security in the capital Tripoli amid the political division and chaos in the North African country.

“We are determined to raise the level of security performance according to a scientific strategy.

“This is to reach the highest security objectives in all parts of the country,” acting Interior Minister, Emad al-Tarabelsi, said in a speech during the launch ceremony.

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“We started with Tripoli as it is the decision source and the capital of all the Libyans.

“After that, we will start securing areas around Tripoli to eastern and western Libya,” the minister added.

Because of the state of political division and chaos in Libya since 2011, Libyan authorities have been struggling to maintain security in the country as many armed groups operate independently. (Xinhua)




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