Sudanese Police kill protester in anti-military demonstrations
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Sudanese Police kill protester in anti-military demonstrations

Sudanese Police have admitted the killing of a protester by its forces during a demonstration against military rule near Khartoum, the capital on Tuesday.

The Police said the shooting was an individual action that went against orders.

They said they have taken “necessary legal procedures” immediately against the policeman involved.

“We saw the video, including the falling of one protester due to the behaviour of one of our police officers.

“The Police had taken all the necessary legal procedures against him,” the Police said.

“This is an individual behaviour, and it is against the Police orders to our forces on the ground.”

The protester, identified as Ibrahim Mazjoob, died in the Sharg al-Nil area near Sudan’s capital.

The victim became the 125th protester killed in weekly protests launched in the wake of the October 2021 coup.

It has plunged the country into crisis.

“The martyrdom of the revolutionary Ibrahim Majzoob is another crime of the Police.

“The coup authority and its military council also share in the crime,” the Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors said in a tweet on Wednesday.

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The demonstrations against the military and economic woes have been met by a violent crackdown with hundreds of activists also being rounded up under emergency laws.

The Police fired tear gas at protesters marching towards the presidential palace in Khartoum and neighbouring Omdurman on Tuesday, witnesses were quoted as saying by Reuters news agency.

Khartoum State Police said in a statement that they were investigating the death.

They added that protesters had been “aggressive” towards policemen, using tear gas, rocks and Molotov cocktails, and injured several policemen.

The protests come as military leaders, who took over in the coup, are negotiating a deal with the civilian political parties previously in power to restore a civilian government.

Recently, tensions have emerged within military, with army leaders demanding clear timeline for the integration of paramilitary Rapid Support Forces.

The army is also demanding a wider group of participants in the negotiation.

Leaders of the Rapid Support Forces have denied desire for any tension with the military.

They pledged their commitment to forming one army.

The resistance committees, who have organised the weekly protests, have rejected the talks as elite dealings.

They demand the complete withdrawal of the military from power. (Al-Jazeera)



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