U.S. donates $9m of military equipment to Somali
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U.S. donates $9m of military equipment to Somali

Somali officials declared that Al-Shabaab jihadists seek negotiations amid mass offensives against them by the government.

According to the country’s Deputy Defence Minister, talks are only possible with Somali militants but not with foreigners.
The U.S. has donated $9 million worth of arms and military equipment to Somali government forces, local media has reported.
U.S. Ambassador, Larry Andre, announced that U.S. donated weapons, vehicles, medical supplies and other equipment to the Somali Army.
Somali Minister of Defence Abdulkadir Nur and Somali National Army (SNA) Chief Brigadier-General, Odowaa Rage corroborated Andre’s announcement.
In addition to heavy weapons, the U.S. provided construction and bomb disposal equipment.
According to the Somali military, most of the cargo had been transferred to units that conduct operations against Al-Shabaab in Hirshabelle and Galmudug.
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Arms, including light and heavy machine guns, will support the highly-trained Danab Brigade of the Somali Armed Forces.
The al-Qaeda-affiliated jihadist movement, Al-Shabaab, has been fighting against the Somali government since the mid-2000s.
Al-Shabaab is seeking to establish Islamic rule in the Horn of Africa country.
It is also committing terror attacks that are amongst the bloodiest in Africa’s history.
The Somali government elected in May 2022 intensified efforts to combat the terrorists, declaring an “all-out war” against the militant group.
In December, Somali troops had begun returning from training in neighbouring Eritrea to fight Al-Shabaab.
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