Nigerian comedian, lover burnt – Kenyan Police

Nigerian comedian, lover burnt – Kenyan Police

Kenyan Police officers from Kasarani Police Station have revealed the final moments of a Nigerian man, Ali Christian (Omodollar) and his Kenyan girlfriend whose lives ended tragically in a brutal murder, according to an online platform,

The report says the assailants dumped the bodies of the duo in Ruai estate in Nairobi on Monday, June 26.

Reports emerging on Saturday, July 1, indicated that unidentified individuals waylaid the couple, assaulted and pulled them out of their vehicle minutes before arriving at their home along Thome estate at around 11.00 p.m.

The NewsZenith, in digging into the real identity of Omodollar, gathered that his real name is Ali Christian. He was a comedian, skit maker and video writer.

“Hi, my name is Ali Christian AKA (Omodollar TV). I am a comedian and skit maker, video writer for years.

“I have helped comedians and skit makers, writes video for them and I have brought out lots of energy from those who don’t believe in their comedy ability,” he wrote on his official YouTube channel.

Reports alleged his girlfriend too was a socialite based in Kamulu along the Eastern Bypass.

According to the Kenyan Police, they were last seen heading home before their vehicle was found abandoned the following day.

Further, the Police found the bodies in a charred state near the woman’s home.

Officers, who arrived at the scene on time, assessed the crime scene before ferrying the unidentified bodies to the city mortuary as investigations commenced.

Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) sleuths privy to the case said preliminary investigations indicated that assailants could have killed the couple before dumping their bodies in Thome estate.

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Locals who spoke to the media intimated that they found the naked bodies of the couple hours late. They initially suspected that an angry mob lynched them.

However, they were concerned by how silently the alleged execution was orchestrated, dispelling claims that they were lynched.

“We shockingly found their bodies as there was no ugly incident in the estate on that night,” one resident said.

DCI officers are following crucial leads to uncover the events and capture the perpetrators.

Among theories emerging after investigations began was the possibility of the Nigerian’s fiancee being three months pregnant at the time of her untimely demise.

Police also suspected that the duo was in a possible love triangle that ended tragically, adding another layer of complexity to the case, already posing as a mystery.

Officers further believed the assailants could have killed the duo before setting their bodies ablaze. They cited the girlfriend’s body which showed visible wounds in the chest and stomach.

On the other hand, Omodollar reportedly suffered injuries on his neck and hands, depicting signs of torture before their demise. Detectives astoundingly found the lovers holding each other at their death.

Police officers are uncovering all possible leads to locate suspects behind the gruesome murder and unearth the motive.

They pledged to delve deeper, analyse all theories and gather enough evidence before issuing a conclusive report of the case.


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