Polish PM outrages over Bandera’s birthday celebration
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Polish PM outrages over Bandera’s birthday celebration

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki expressed his outrage on Monday to Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal over the celebration of the birthday of the controversial Ukrainian nationalist, Stepan Bandera.

On Jan. 1, the Ukrainian authorities held a series of events on the occasion of Bandera’s birthday.
“I don’t have enough words of indignation about all actions that praise those responsible for the crimes in Volhynia.
“From 100,000 to 200,000 Poles died at the hands of Ukrainians then. It was genocide.
“We will never forget about it …
“Today, a couple of hours ago, I talked about this with the Prime Minister of Ukraine.
“And I expressed absolutely negative attitude towards everyone who perpetuates the memory of Bandera,” Morawiecki said while answering citizen’s questions on social media.
The issue of massacres of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia in 1943-1945 is one of the most difficult issues in relations between Poland and Ukraine.
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The massacres were carried out by the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), the military arm of the Bandera’s faction of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists.
Both organisations were banned in Russia.
In 2016, the lower House of the Polish parliament adopted a resolution recognising July 11 as the national day of remembrance for the victims of the genocide.
Ukrainian nationalists allegedly committed genocide against the inhabitants of the Second Polish Republic.
Ukrainian officials consider these events to be the consequences of the war between the Polish Home Army and the UPA.
The civilian population of the region also took part in the war.
The Ukrainian side estimates its losses at 10,000-20,000 people.
The Ukrainian parliament also adopted a statement condemning the decision of the Polish parliament to recognise the massacre as genocide.
Ukrainian lawmakers believe that this decision “endangered the political and diplomatic developments of the two countries”. (Sputnik)
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