Elites are problems of democracy – Jandor

Elites are problems of democracy – Jandor

PDP governorship candidate in Lagos State, Abdul-Azeez Adediran (Jandor), says elites’ apathy to the democratic process in Nigeria had slowed down gains and dividends of democratic rules.

Adediran, who is the convener of the Lagos-4-Lagos Movement, made the remarks in an interaction with newsmen in Lagos.
He said that until elites get involved in the candidates’ selection process and voting in elections, the nation would not get better democracy offers.
Assessing Nigeria’s 24 years of unbroken democracy, Jandor said the educated and learned Nigerians had long left the democracy to people in informal sector.
“In the 24 years of our democracy, we have had a lot of success.
“That is why I am able to join the process. We are getting there, though not yet there.
“I still see the elites as the problem of our democracy.
“This is because we have deliberately left that selection process to those in the informal sectors and grassroots to decide.
“All of us, with our education, sit back and allow the less qualified to be in charge in the state house of assembly to make laws.
”We are still the problem.”
He said that only 11 per cent of the voting population voted for the current Gov. Babajide Sanwo-Olu.
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According to him, those who neglected the process allowed some candidates to win elections.
“This is what we need to change. That is the problem I still see in this process.
“When will the elite then begin to take a decision on who governs them as president, governor and chairman among others?
He commended President Muhammadu Buhari for signing the new Electoral Law.
The law had given confidence and hope to many candidates that votes would count.
He said that the country needed helmsmen who would build sustainable institutions.
“We need those that will rule with the fear of God to address challenges facing the people.”
On the destruction of INEC offices in parts of the country, Adediran said they were wasting their time.
Their action, he said, would not stop the elections.
“It won’t work because all information about voters is already uploaded on INEC sever.
“I don’t see it threatening the 2023 elections” he said.
He expressed confidence in the INEC and the new Electoral Act, which provided for Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) and the electronic transmission of results.
“I hope that the innovations will be able to stand the test of time when deployed across the country,” the PDP governorship hopeful said.
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