U.S. plans military-industrial base in Morocco

U.S. plans military-industrial base in Morocco

U.S. President Joe Biden has instructed Defence Secretary, Lloyd Austin, to prepare emergency plan to establish a military-industrial base in Morocco, the New York Daily News has reported.

They proposed the plan during a high-level meeting in December when Biden and Austin discussed America’s new global military strategy.

Biden told Austin to push Pentagon to facilitate the logistical and legal aspects of defence industry investments in Morocco.

The U.S. president intends to strengthen Rabat’s leading role in combating terrorism.

He also believes that integrating Morocco into the international military equation would help to develop its technical military capabilities.

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According to media sources in the U.S., before his meeting with Austin, Biden received a detailed report from CIA Director, William Burns, on the expansion of Russia’s influence in Africa.

Russia’s influence, it was reported, including Zimbabwe, Sudan, the Central African Republic, Algeria and the Sahel and Sahara countries.

The CIA report said Russia strongly supports the Algerian regime militarily and politically.

It added that Russia is also discussing the establishment of a large logistical base that would give it an important outlet to countries located south of the Sahara Desert.

“This,” said the agency, “will threaten the interests of Washington and its allies there.” (middleeastmonitor.com)




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